FAQ: Selling/trading items

*Always make sure to have your drivers licence as a form of identification for sell-ins over $50.

**A price quote over the phone is not final or guaranteed!

Is the trade-in (store credit) more than cash value?

It certainly is! Trade-in value will be 30% more than cash value and can be saved to your store account to use at any time - it never expires.

What items do you buy?

We buy most consoles, with the exception of a few older ones. We no longer take the Dreamcast - and older consoles, such as the Sega Genesis, NES, and SNES, we only take if they are in nearly perfect condition.

We buy most controllers, games, headsets and game-related toys and figures.

Do you buy PC games and accessories?

Unfortunately, no.

Do you buy DVDs and Blurays?

We do not accept DVDs, but will take some Blurays if they are from a popular series, anime or are Disney-related.

We do not sell DVDs or Blurays in our physical shop.

Do you buy third party controllers?

This varies from console to console - we do take most PowerA and PDP controllers.

What do I need to bring to trade in a console?

You are more than welcome to bring in a console that is missing its controllers or wires. Our price quotes reflect a "complete" console, so the value will go down with each missing item.

Do you take broken consoles and controllers?

We certainly do! We will take them for parts - the payout will be substantially less than a working one, of course.

Do you take games without a case?

We do. The case and artwork are as important as the game, so it will take off some of its value.

Can I call to get a price quote over the phone?

We can give you a range of what we may pay out, but the final value will be determined in-person when we can evaluate the items condition.

**A price quote over the phone is not final or guaranteed!

We cannot price quote too many games at one time over the phone - it takes too long and the value may change depending on how the games condition is and whether or not it has a case!

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